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Williston FL Real Estate


Williston, Florida: “Gateway to the Nature Coast”
Located in Levy County, Florida, the city of Williston offers residents and visitors a variety of options to experience natural resources and enjoy much needed rest and relaxation, due to the area's beauty and many varied activities. The city’s motto of being the “Gateway to the Nature Coast” is accurate, as the city has access to many of Florida’s most beautiful natural resources. Currently, there are less than 3,000 permanent residents in the city. However, this number fluctuates as Santa Fe College and the annual Peanut Festival attracts short-term residents and visitors each year.
Community & Culture
The community in Williston is small and quiet but rich in history and agriculture. Of note, Williston is home to many horse farms, including the White Horse Ranch, and is proud to be the hometown of “Foolish Pleasure” who brought home the 1975 Kentucky Derby championship.
Each year in Williston the Horseman’s Association puts on a widely publicized rodeo, which attracts hundreds of visitors each year. The majority of transportation to and from the city occurs via US Hwy 27 and US Hwy121; however, there is the Williston Municipal Airport. Williston and its airport see an increase in traffic every year when the annual Peanut Festival hits town. This popular festival takes place in October every year and offers peanut-themed activities, great food, and competitions.
Those wanting a different but memorable experience can stop by Two Tails Ranch located in Williston which serves as an exotic animal refuge and is home to many elephants.
Williston offers a wealth of opportunities to have fun. Those wishing to purchase a water vehicle can stop by Monterey Boats, one of the world’s leading sports boat and yacht manufacturers, before heading to local gulf waters or rivers. Residents that prefer a shorter adventure generally head to the Devil’s Den and Blue Grotto to witness one of the most fascinating underground cave diving experiences in Florida. As one of Florida’s premiere opportunities to engage in cave diving, the Devil’s Den and Blue Grotto is a hot spot for tourists and residents alike.
Adults who prefer to stay dry will find that Williston Golf Club, in the heart of historic Williston, offers pristine golf courses and world class personal service. Williston’s Parks and Recreation Department is committed to providing a safe and clean environment for residents and visitors to explore the city.


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