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Suwannee River/Santa Fe River FL Real Estate


Suwannee River – More than Just a Song
While the folk song “Old Folks at Home” written by Stephen Foster made the Suwannee River famous, it has held the population’s attention for so many years because of its beauty. Cutting through Georgia and Florida, this river is known as a “blackwater river” as it is deep and slow-moving resulting in the build-up of decayed plant life. As a result, the water itself appears dark hence the name “blackwater.” The Suwannee River is a favorite attraction for Southern residents as well as visitors.
Visiting the Suwannee River
The Suwannee River is nearly 250 miles long and is home to the Suwannee Straits, which separate Florida’s panhandle from the remainder of the state. Because of its impressive length, the Suwannee River is accessible via southern Georgia as well as directly from multiple counties throughout Florida. Because the Suwannee River has been a stable water source in Florida and Georgia, natives of the land have inhabited its banks for thousands of years. 
Surrounding the Suwannee River are numerous nature trails that cover a majority of Northern Florida and Southern Georgia. The Suwannee River has seen an increase in visitors, particularly for music festivals and gatherings held near Live Oak, Florida. Those wanting a day trip to the Suwannee River will be delighted to learn that many restaurants and stores have cropped up near the river offering visitors a refuge from the hot Southern sun.
Experiencing the Suwannee River
There are many fun ways to experience the Suwannee River. At one point in the river, where it runs into Southwest Florida, the drop in elevation and constant movement of the river result in exciting whitewater rapids not commonly seen in Florida. Whitewater rafting is a rare opportunity in Florida and generally only takes place in this one location.
Otherwise, the Suwannee River is generally calm and a great place to enjoy nature peacefully. Favorite activities of Suwannee River visitors include manatee watching, tubing, and boating. Many locations along the Suwannee River offer visitors boat and canoe rentals as well as guided tours. The calm of the Suwannee River is also conducive to water skiing, fishing, diving, or simply taking it easy.

The ways to enjoy the Suwannee River are nearly endless. Because the Suwannee River is so long, travelers are able to approach the river from many parts of the Southeastern United States and easily access a nature-themed adventure for a weekend's pleasure.


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