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29311 NW Cr 241, Alachua, FL 32615


Alachua, FL

Joan Sroka
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M: (352) 514-1258

Realtor testimonials, why work at Horizon

What our Realtors Say About Us:

Dee Edwards: Working at Horizon is one of the best experiences I have ever had. I moved here from Chicago 10 years ago not knowing Gainesville, Florida, land or Mobile Homes!  I joined Horizon Realty to find the atmosphere is one of partnership, team & fun. Although we are fairly small, (under 20 agents) we consistently remain in the top 10 in the Gainesville/Alachua Board of Realtors & MLS. We are also members of Dixie-Gilchrist-Levy Board of Realtors. With experts in the office on land, river & water properties, residential & subdivision development, the resources are abundant. Not to mention, Patti has been active with the GACAR Board for many years, including Past President of Gainesville MLS so upcoming changes or even previewing changes are the norm. The knowledge I have acquired far exceeds just selling residential. We deal with rural areas along with Gainesville city limits. Each transaction brings something new – way beyond what I ever thought I’d learn & what I was taught in classes. This is a great place to work with well over 215 years of combined experience! 


What Past Realtors Have Said:

Jeff Wolfe: I lived in Gainesville for 13 years before I decided to enter the real estate business.  I looked into a lot of firms before deciding to work for Horizon Realty.  Coming from a real estate family, my father was a Broker in Chicago area for many years, I knew I wanted to work for a firm with a hands on Broker that would provide me with the tutelage needed for success.   I knew my training would be ongoing and my career could flourish with her tutelage. I have been here since 1998.   


Cindy Blanton: I am so thankful to work at Horizon Realty because of my Broker Patti Moser. She is always there to help no matter what she is in the middle of on any given day.  I also have a great group of co-workers as well as administrative staff that are always there to assist each other.
Lucie Regensdorf: I have worked in many offices in different capacities.  The Horizon Realtors are some of the most honest, cohesive, fun and hard-working people I have ever had the honor to work with.