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6919 SE 70th Ave., Trenton, FL 32693

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We surround you with the Tools and People to Help Grow Your Business
1.)    In House constant continuing education
2.)    Professional Liability Insurance coverage
3.)    Extensive advertising for your properties both print and internet
4.)    Cutting edge Company website and your own Agent branded website and mobile website
5.)    Horizon Realty Intranet with full transaction management integration
6.)    Weekly sales meetings with continued training and promotion of your properties
7.)    Local broker owned management with open door policy
8.)    Visual Tour software
9.)    Company Referrals with no additional referral fees
10.)  Relocation referrals for “A” team agents
11.)  Company supplied signs and advertising
12.)  Support staff to assist with customer communication, MLS entry, social media and advertising coordination
13.)  Most importantly a team oriented, family atmosphere! We work hard, are successful and have fun doing it!

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Contact Patti Moser at pmoser@horizonrealty-realtors.com
Ph. 352-538-1773