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Horizon Referral Company-Agent Referral Program

Are you a Realtor thinking of getting out of the business? Are you inactive but looking to be able to send referrals? We have a company for you!
Horizon Referral Company is the perfect spot for you to maintain an active real estate license and place referrals. This allows you to keep your license active and still make money without the expenses of being a Realtor or paying MLS fees. You have the possibility of making hundreds of dollars per year just from referring friends, family and previous business you already know and have.
Here is how it works: As a member of our company you submit your referrals to our relocation/referral coordinator. The coordinator will place your referral with an active Realtor at Horizon Realty or another Realtor anywhere across the country. You may request a specific agent if you would like. Our coordinator will track the referral from placement to closing. When the transaction closes your will be paid your referral fee!
Advantages to You:
·         Keep your license active with no NAR or local dues
·         Earn commissions on your nationwide referrals
·         Referral placement and updates
·         Free broker advice on personal or immediate family transactions
·         Membership waived with just 2 closed transactions each year
·         Larger referrals on personal transactions
Contact us at pmoser@horizonrealty-realtors.com or relo@horizonrealty-realtors.com 352-538-1773