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Preparing Your Home for Sale

At Horizon Realty, we are professionals when it comes to Gainesville/Lake City area real estate. We also have all the inside information when it comes to preparing homes to be sold. While the process can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, taking the time to prepare your home to be sold significantly increases the chance of attracting an interested buyer. Here are Horizon Realty of Alachua’s top five tips for preparing your home to go on the market.
Tip # 1: Let Go
When trying to sell a home, it is important to let go of the idea that the space is still yours. Although your home isn’t sold yet, prospective buyers need to be able to imagine the space as if it were their own. In order to help create this vision, it is helpful to de-clutter every room of your home and store away personal items like photos and mementos. This will give your home the appearance of being a neutral space allowing prospective buyers to set their imaginations free.
Tip # 2: Freshen Up
The next step in preparing your home to be sold is to freshen up. This may entail getting rid of older unsightly furniture, deep cleaning the entire house, and adding items that appeal to the senses such as scented candles or fresh flowers. Inviting prospective buyers into a clean and fresh living space will increase interest in your home.
Tip # 3: Re-invent Your Living Space
After eliminating clutter and cleaning your home, it can be fun to experiment with different designs and the flow of activity within your home. Reinventing a living space may include repurposing rooms, rearranging furniture, or bringing in natural elements to give your home a new theme altogether.
Tip # 4: Make Repairs
Before welcoming your first prospective buyer, it is important to evaluate your home for any needed repairs. Is there a leaky faucet? Is the kitchen tile cracking? By completing repairs before placing your house on the market, you can provide prospective buyers with a near-perfect view of your dwelling (and may even increase the value of your home.)
Tip # 5: Focus on Appeal
Although it’s important to spruce up the inside of your home, it is just as important to concentrate on its outward appearance. Is the exterior paint fading? Are the gutters loose? How long has it been since your yard has been landscaped? Just as the title of a book entices readers, the outside of your home is the first impression a prospective buyer will receive.