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7510 NW 126TH Avenue, Alachua, FL 32615


Alachua, FL

Danette Drageset
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M: (352) 339-3649

Moving Checklist

At Horizon Realty, the experts in Gainesville area real estate, we know that moving involves numerous tasks. To make the process easy, check out our useful moving checklist.
Plan the move. Get rid of the old. Get organized.
4 - 6 Weeks before Moving Day

 Before moving, it is important to gather important documents such as school records, medical records, or safe deposit box contents.

 Don’t forget to notify banks, credit card companies, phone and cable companies, utility providers, doctors, pharmacies, etc.

 Be sure to turn in your change of address form to the post office to prevent interruption of service.

 Starting the packing process early is a great way to save time. Non-essential items and valuables can be packaged far ahead of the moving date.

 Family members, pets, and vehicles should all make one last trip to the doctor (or mechanic) before moving because it can take time to find trusted services in a new community.

Confirm arrangements. Discard flammable items. Refill prescriptions. Say goodbye.
Moving Week
  • At least 24 hours before the move, make sure to defrost the freezers in your home.
  • Get electronics ready for moving day by unplugging them the day before.
  • Before leaving, make sure your old home is secure and conserving energy.