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6919 SE 70th Avenue, Trenton, FL 32693


Trenton, FL

Sue Reichert
Email Me
M: (352) 318-3200

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When you are ready to list your property with Horizon Realty gathering the following items will be helpful to your Horizon Realtor. These items are not necessary but will assist us to comprehensively market your home and provide a smooth transaction from listing to closing:
·         Prior title policy which you would have received when you purchased your property probably when you received your recorded deed.
·         A survey if you have one
·         Mortgage balance, loan number and customer service phone number, statement or coupon
·         Any other loans that may affect the property such as Home Equity loans
·         Termite contract
·         Warranties that may still be in place
·         Utility information and past bills winter and summer
·         Security, pool and lawn companies that you may use
·         Information regarding any major repairs or upgrades that you have recently done
·         List of any leased equipment such as satellite, hot water heater, LP gas tanks etc.
Please let us know when you are ready to market your home and we will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your personalized marketing plan.

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