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High Springs, FL

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Buyers Tips


Buyers’ Tips
As your experts in Gainesville-Lake City area real estate, Horizon Realty finds excitement in helping buyers find their dream homes. Whether this is your tenth home or the first, the team at Horizon Realty wants to make the process easier through offering time tested tips for getting the most out of your buying experience.
Establish Your Budget
Buying a home is a lot like going grocery shopping. Before setting foot in the store, it is important to know how much you are willing to spend. As purchasing a home is often a lifelong investment, knowing how much you are willing to spend (in the short term as well is a long-term) is an important thing to determine. In addition to initial costs such as down payments and closing fees, it is also important to consider long-term costs such as accrued interest and the cost of repairs.
Determine Your Needs
One of the biggest mistakes homebuyers make is failure to clearly outline their wants and needs. Creating a picture of your ideal home can help you easily identify homes that suit your needs. Important things to consider include size, amenities, features, and security. When purchasing a home, it is advantageous to consider needs that may arise twenty or thirty years down the road.
Do Your Research
After your budget and needs have been established, the next step is to research options. There are many things to consider when purchasing a home including local zoning laws, property taxes, quality of local schools, average commuting distance, and community amenities. As many real estate listings are now online, it is easier than ever for homebuyers to do their research.
Find a Real Estate Agent
Working with a reputable real estate agent can make the process of purchasing a home enjoyable. Experienced real estate agents are not only experts in the field but are adept at providing homebuyers with information and support. At Horizon Realty of Alachua, we work with homebuyers every day and pride ourselves on offering world-class assistance from start to finish.
Those in the market to purchase a new home often forget the power of negotiation. Although an initial offer on a home may be declined, it is important to continue to pursue the purchase through negotiation. Experienced real estate agents are able to assist homebuyers in negotiating the purchase price. Spending a little time negotiating can save homeowners thousands during the life of their mortgage.