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251 NW 140th Street, Trenton, FL 32693


Trenton, FL

Patricia Moser
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M: (352) 538-1773

Rachael Arrington

     I moved to High Springs about 5 years ago, after visiting this town all my life for summer vacations. This is also where I met my husband 4 years ago, so needless to say, this town has special meaning to me. This has always been the type of area I have wanted to raise a family in.  Between the springs, the quiet nature of things, and the close-knit community, it’s hard not to like it here.

     Real estate is a new-found love of mine. With 11 years of customer service under my belt, helping people is almost a first nature for me, but being able to help them with a life changing decision and making everything move as smoothly as possible during the process, will be even more rewarding. I am extremely driven and outgoing and I don’t ever like to leave anything unfinished. I am a very hard worker and very dedicated, so you’ll never have to question what I am doing for you.

Specialties: Residential