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26346 NW 166TH Avenue, High Springs, FL 32643


High Springs, FL

Joan Sroka
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M: (352) 514-1258

Dee Edwards, GRI

Having a great life is something I always treasure.

A significant part of my happiness has come from establishing a “sense of home” in my community & helping others do the same. Matching needs and wants with what is available is very fulfilling to me. Setting you up with exactly what you want is the challenge I seek.
Real Estate is hard work and putting the right match together is what makes the effort rewarding. The process of finding and committing to a major purchase in a new community is a big deal.  I don’t take that lightly. One of my favorite clients are First Time Home Buyer’s – this a BIG purchase & one that will be in your memories forever. My clients become my neighbors. Their children are a part of the teams I coach (Volleyball) & the people I see when shopping and enjoying all that North Florida has to offer. Landing at Horizon Realty has been a good match – we’re a team here & committed to making real estate available for everyone!

I’ll work with you to make the process an easy one - where you understand your options and have the freedom to design what you can proudly call “home”.