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337 NE 937TH Avenue, Branford, FL 32008


Branford, FL

Joan Sroka
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M: (352) 514-1258


Mission Statement and Core Values         
Our Mission
We are a full service real estate company providing the finest in real estate services designed to create relationships for life. We strive every day, in every transaction, to reflect our pride in our company, ourselves and each other as well as in the people and communities that we serve. We are proud to be able to participate in our customers’ realization of the American Dream.
Core Values
Competence - We pursue knowledge gained through continued formal training and through the sharing of experiences learned in serving our customers. We are devoted full time to the highest standards of personal service with extensive and detailed market knowledge.
Efficiency - Performing in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort. We seek to be the most productive team in our market.
Communication - Effectively and timely communicate with our customers and fellow Realtors.
Hard Work - Expect the results that hard work generates.
Teamwork - Working together with our fellow Realtors and our staff in a friendly, positive family like environment. Take pride in our work, our standards, our staff, and the quality of service we provide. Have fun, be enthusiastic and embrace change.