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6919 SE 70th Avenue, Trenton, FL 32693


Trenton, FL

Sue Reichert
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M: (352) 318-3200

Congratulations to the Horizon Cook Crew for winning the Chicken BBQ competition in Lacrosse! I know who is cooking the chicken for the next Horizon event!



Representing Horizon Realty and GACAR at Great American Realtor Days in Tallahassee! Thank you to Reps. Clovis Watson, Keith Perry, and Elizabeth Porter for taking the time to meet with us.


Thanks to all the BANCF members for attending another great horseshoe event at our ranch tonight. Over 350 people and 116 throwing horseshoes!


So honored to be a part of the Bank of America and Military Warriors Support Foundation giving the keys to their new home to Sgt. Jason Rodriguez and family. Thank you for your service to our country!


Beautiful Day at the 2014 Alachua Spring Festival!



A great time at the St. Francis House in Gainesville! Thanks for Everyone's help!                                               


 2014 Alachua Fall Festival!